we offer non-denominational
memorial and funeral ceremonies

If your loved one did not leave any instructions on what kind of a memorial service or funeral service they wanted to have,  we can help you through this difficult process.



For most of us it is hard to think about planning  for our own  memorial service. It is even more difficult to create an appropriate memorial  service or funeral service for your loved one when you are grieving his/her loss.  Not sure what  you should do?  We are here to help.


Our Philosophy

Each person has the right to have his or her last wishes honored and respected.  If you make your wishes known ahead of time and in writing (you may want to include those wishes with a copy of your will) it will really save your loved ones from making difficult decisions after you are deceased. 

If you do not wish to have a minister preside over your memorial or funeral service we respect your choice. Sometimes keeping it informal  and simple is the perfect choice.   Make your wishes known before you pass on, so there is no confusion as to what your last wishes are.

In our opinion, a funeral or a memorial service is   a good tradition, as it serves to show respect, honor for  the dearly departed.  We feel that the funeral or memorial service is also designed to comfort  the bereaved left behind. Death is an interesting event.


Aquarian Funeral and Memorial ServicesTM ministers can help you or your loved ones cope with a difficult life experience.

Our Advice

It is better to plan ahead than to wait and make your loved ones make those hard decisions. Planning for a funeral or a memorial service is emotionally wrenching and draining. Planning for your own funeral may sound strange, but it is prudent.   Just as you are advised by estate planners to have a will - it is advisable to have a plan for the disposition of your remains and a ceremony fitting your viewpoint on life and death.